What NFT(s) I would Buy With 0.5 ETH today (10/20/22)

What NFT(s) I would Buy With 0.5 ETH today (10/20/22)

Yessirrrrrr. Its that time of the day, the best time of the day. (other than 4:20)

Time to buy NFTs! Some of our buys from the past couple days have hit the target price, stay tuned for the weekly recap on Sunday.

What I would buy today

There's new projects that dropped yesterday/today that have some flipping potential. It'll be interesting to see how the first week of these projects play out.


Price : .1 ETH

Quantity : 3

Infamous is a project that dropped today. They are "unknown" with the only thing in the project description reading, "We are the UNKNOWN. We are the UNSPOKEN. We are the INFAMOUS."

Why I think its a good play

I think this a good play simply for 2 reasons.

  1. Low entry point, first day trading on secondary
  2. 2,400 sales in first day

Again, this is not a project I would buy to hold long term at all. I do think it has potential for a healthy flip due the fact of high trading volume in first 24 hours, it's currently #6 on OpenSea top collections.

Second Dimension Hanazawa Kana NFT

Price : .08 ETH

Quantity : 3

This project is self described as, "Second Dimension, presented by UneMeta Launchpad, is the first ever voice incorporated NFT collection by world-renowned voice actress and singer Hanazawa Kana."

Why I think its a good play

Stop me if you've heard it before : what caught my attention the most was the low amount of NFTs listed for sale (7%) and the amount of unique owners (61%).

At first I had no idea who Hanazawa Kana was but after doing research it turns out she's a very popular Japanese actress. Obviously influencer projects are a thing of the past but this one brings a whole new market in Asia.

Target Sell Prices

Infamous I really believe will either go x5 within a week, or go damn close to 0. But hey, we all love a little gambling right? With this one I feel satisfied selling once it hits .15-.17 to secure profits. That would be at least a .15 ETH flip, which is about 50-60k salary if done everyday with ETH's current price. I wont get ahead of myself...yet. One thing is for fcking sure, scared money don't make money.

Second Dimension Hanazawa Kana is definitely one of the more interesting projects I've seen in recent time, but that's no guarantee for anything. With the backing of a major Japanese actress I think the project can hit .15-.2 ETH and thats when I sell.