What NFT(s) I would Buy With 0.5 ETH today (10/19/22)

What NFT(s) I would Buy With 0.5 ETH today (10/19/22)

Another day, another NFT. I will do recaps of the whole week on Sundays and see what type of profit (or losses) I made. Lets dive right into it

What I would buy today

Today there's relatively low trading volume across most collections (thanks bear market) but there's always opportunity. There were two plays that caught my attention today :


Price : .33 ETH

Quantity : 1

YuGiYn is described by the founders as :

Set inside the skyscraper called “¥u-Gi-¥n” located in city of Shibuya in the near future, ¥u-Gi-¥n is a virtual world building project that provides entertainment such as games, manga, anime, fashion and music. There are 4 districts in the virtual world and players can go back and forth between different districts and interact with each other. We are building a digital economic zone through TOKYO CULTURE.

Why I think its a good play

I know its subjective, by I personally think the art is dope af based on the previews I've seen. I've actually been keeping an eye on this one for weeks and found it when it was sitting at a .12 ETH floor. I wish i had written this article then, I would have looked like a genius.

My favorite thing is that only 4% of all NFTs are listed for sale, with 37% unique owners. The NFTs have yet to be revealed and the date is uncertain still, so its essential to follow their socials and stay updated. Thats what will determine whether you make a respetable flip or are left holding a bag.

Kitaro World Official

Price : .22 ETH

Quantity : 1

Kitaro World Official is a collection of 7,777 storytelling NFTs exploring various known multiverses in an adventure to unlock secrets of their ancestry.

Normally the ideal time to flip a collection is within the first week of releasing, but this project is over a month old dropping on Sept 16.

Why I think its a good play

This is an interesting scenario because it wasn't until Oct 2 until Kitaro World started to gain steam. They went from a couple hundred sales in a day to over 3,000.

Its since gone back down to a couple hundred sales per day but with a higher floor price that is steadily maintaining its value. They are releasing an Augmented reality coloring book using the NFTs.

Steady volume, low amount listed for sale (19%), and high unique owners (40%) makes me believe this project still has room to increase in value.

Target Sell Prices

YuGiYn is one that ~ should ~ be sold before they reveal the art of each NFT. A majority of projects usually see a dip in price after reveal because people who did not get a rare one feel the need to sell it ASAP (still dont understand smh). If I follow their socials and stay up to date on reveal day I believe I can flip it when it hits .45-.5 ETH

Kitaro World Official I believe will stay steady with some fluctuation based on the progress of the augmented reality coloring book and other key announcements from the team. Nothing is guarantee but im selling this one when it hits .35-.4 ETH