NFT Shower Thoughts (12/6/22)

NFT Shower Thoughts (12/6/22)

Today my friend texted me about Pudgy Penguins hitting 4.5 ETH floor so it's good to see he's also keeping up with the NFT market and news.

To be fair he has a Bored Ape & 2 Mutant Apes so he's kind of locked in for the long run. And man are we praying for a bull run soon.

Once Mutants touch 25 ETH I will very strongly consider selling, hoping to buy back in at a lower point. But who knows, we could still be several months away from that, if not a year or more.

A man can only hope right? Right now they sit at 14.42 ETH floor which is nice to see after it was flirting with single digit ETH floor.

Leaderboard for what??

At art basel this year there was an art installation that displays users bank account and photo for everyone to see. At first I think thats a huge invasion of privacy but then I noticed an underlying message.

This may be my love for crypto and defi talking, combined with a strong dislike for centralized platforms.... but this perfectly depicts a major flaw with our current centralized banking system. Privacy is put at risk if that one central sorce gets compromised.

More importantly, at least to me, is that they can also change termds and conditions at any time with no warning and theres nothing we can do about it. Just continue to abide by their greedy money hungry rules.