NFT Shower Thoughts (11/29/22)

NFT Shower Thoughts (11/29/22)

Happy late thanksgiving ya'll. What a year for some more delicious food, exciting NFL games, and... more crypto drama.

Everyday it seems like we're getting new information on the FTX case and until that stops and people forget about it, crypto is gonna leave a bad taste in the generals publics mouths... and I can't blame them.

Imagine you're trying to get a grasp on a concept, idea, or thing and suddenly you get hit with a magnitude of negative news & facts. You wouldn't necessarily be jumping with excitement to keep the journey going right?

In my humble opinion, I truly do believe the worst is behind us. At least in terms of negative news and perception affecting the NFT market prices.

Lets put this on paper so we can look back this day next year

Ethereum price - $1215

Bitcoin price - $16,431

Bored Ape floor - 70.18 ETH

Mutant Ape floor - 13.68 ETH

CryptoPunk Floor - 65.94 ETH

Good News & Bad News

If you look at 2022 as a whole, sure, these numbers still scream bear market. It seemed like all these "experts" were calling for September/October/November to be the time the market heats up again.


Get ready for the next cycle of precitions. It'll be January, Februaury, and March as the so called months that the market starts to transition into a bull market once again (fcking finally).

But in reality nobody knows. Not a single soul.

So if anybody ever tells you they know what's gonna happen for sure, smile and nod. Then never take investing advice from them.


There is indeed reason to be optimistic.

When I opened the states page on OpenSea my eyes instantly smiled.

The first 6 projects had positive trading volume change in the past week. I scroll down and I'm amazed to find that the top 12 projects all have positive trading volume change!

16 of the top 17 projects were positive, all except Otherside Land

I dont think Ive seen this before, but it was money to my eyes.

It may not be a lot, but its in the right direction. One day at a freaking time.