NFT Shower Thoughts (11/15/22)

NFT Shower Thoughts (11/15/22)

Another day, many more NFT thoughts.

Today I actually received a text from an old client/friend that supported my own theory of the next NFT bull run. If you don't know what that is then read yesterday's NFT Shower Thoughts.

Or don't. I'll still sleep at night :)

Anyways, he first messaged me to confirm about an old employee at @NFT, and what do you know. The other guy was making false claims to try and do business with him.

This is a big issue in the space in my opinion. The non transparency and malicious actors really put a bad taste in everybody's mouths.

Anyways, my friend David texted me :

Im looking to blow up ENS domains, Im extremly bullish

That's all I needed to read to be hooked. He then proceeded to tell me he's working on a project centered around resale and/or white labeling and building entire businesses around the brand/ENS.

Ive never met David in person but from the bottom of my heart I hope the project turns into a success story because this is definitely one of those things where if you're early, you will reap great benefits.

He asked me which ENS domains I have so I send him my list of about 15 that I own. I think thats a pretty good amount and then I ask to see his and he hits me with "Which ones? I have 500+"

Maaaaan. If that doesn't prove "there's always somebody richer/bigger/stronger I don't know what does. Theres levels to this.

What even are ENS domains?

One of the primary purposes of ENS is to make crypto more accessible by converting lengthy Ethereum wallet addresses into simplified URLs. For instance, instead of manually typing “0x71C766EC7” to search for a wallet, an individual can register an ENS domain name, and be found by simply typing “Juan.eth”

Theres about 3 million ENS domains currently registered. If you think you're late to the game let me put it into perspective .

Instagram was launched in October 2010. By December they already had over a million users. Its safe to say at some point in 2011 they hit 3 million users.

So that's where we stand. The ENS domain world of opportunities is equivalent to where Instagram was in 2011.

Do you feel late now? We'll leave it at that for today.