Must Read Update! NFT Buys & Random Thoughts

Must Read Update! NFT Buys & Random Thoughts

I know. I know.

I was supposed to write the weekly recap of the NFTs I theoretically bought.

Between applying & interviewing for jobs, being sick, blah blah blah....there's no excuses. I committed to something and didn't deliver.

I realized that the weekly updates wouldnt align smoothly because one project may take 2 days to hit our target price while another takes 2 months. To say the least it was a logistical nightmare.

With that being said, I have decided that The Finance Kids is a priority and must keep going daily in some way, shape, or form.

I've decided I am going to be writing random NFT thoughts each day. This will include but not limited to : crypto prices, new projects, defi, and the overall market as a whole.

Im committed and ready. Lets get it.

First one will be published later today (11/7/22) :)